PennyLane v0.30 released

Discover new ideas faster.

Program quantum computers.

Integrate with machine learning.

Master quantum chemistry.

PennyLane brings together the quantum ecosystem

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Get up to speed quickly.

Quantum computing can be hard — PennyLane makes it easier. Browse our rich library of demonstrations and extensive documentation. Quickly become an expert in quantum computing, quantum machine learning and quantum chemistry.

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Community-first software development.

PennyLane is community-focused — we want to build a framework that works for you. Development of PennyLane takes place publicly on GitHub, and you can talk to our developers and researchers directly on our Discussion Forum.

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Minimize time-to-research.

PennyLane is unopinionated where it matters. With a functional interface, seamless integration with the scientific ecosystem, and modular building blocks, we get out of the way to help you easily build cutting-edge quantum algorithms.

Using PennyLane

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Everything differentiable.

PennyLane pioneers a new paradigm — quantum differentiable programming. Everything is trainable, even when using quantum hardware. Don’t just train parameters; train the entire structure of your quantum model.

Quantum differentiable programming
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Accelerated performance.

Scale up your research. Use the high-performance Lightning simulator — backed by NVIDIA cuQuantum — on GPUs and the cloud. But it goes beyond; PennyLane will automatically use the best computational methods for your workflow.

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