IonQ’s trapped ion hardware now available via PennyLane

PennyLane Team

We are excited to announce that PennyLane now natively supports quantum computing devices provided by IonQ! 🎉🍾


IonQ is the leading provider of quantum computers based on trapped ions. With long coherence times and all-to-all connectivity, trapped ions make a great hardware substrate for testing complex quantum computing algorithms, like those encountered in quantum machine learning.

We want to make it easy for everyone to use our hardware,” said Matthew Keesan, VP of Product Development at IonQ. “Our users have been asking for a PennyLane plugin. We’re incredibly excited that it’s publicly available, and can’t wait to see what the PennyLane community develops.”

If you want to get started using IonQ as the backend for your PennyLane code, install the new PennyLane-IonQ plugin and reach out to the IonQ team for an access key.

Access to IonQ devices is also available through AWS Braket and PennyLane’s Braket plugin.

Tags: aws, pennylane, hardware, plugins
Last modified: 06:04, 20 Apr 2021