PennyLane Code Together

PennyLane Team

Announcing PennyLane: Code Together 🙌🙌

This is your chance to join the quantum software community, supercharge your coding skills, interact with the PennyLane team, and—most importantly—win some awesome swag! Join us on GitHub August 16th-27th.

Participation is simple: be the first to solve an open issue with the label code together in the PennyLane GitHub repo.

Successful contributors will receive both digital and physical swag, including:

  • A digital certificate of completion
  • A Xanadu logo hat
  • Xanadu Random Number: a quantum random number that was generated using Xanadu’s photonic hardware
  • Exclusive badge on your PennyLane forum user profile

You may also note some issues have an extra bounty label. These are slightly harder issues, but unlock even more swag 🔓. The first merged solution to a bounty issue wins a PennyLane T-shirt.

Have an idea, but it’s not listed? You can even submit your own issue, just make sure to have the [Code Together] prefix in the issue title! We will then evaluate the issue for inclusion. If it receives the code together label, it will be part of the event!

Note: if multiple solutions are submitted to the same issue, the first to be merged will get swag.

Click here to sign up for the event.

The PennyLane dev team will be available to discuss your Code Together projects during our very first Community Call on August 19 at 11 am ET.

Stay tuned for further details and let’s code together!