PennyLane Community Calls

PennyLane Team

Want to get involved with quantum open-source software, but don’t know how to begin? Good news: the PennyLane team will now be offering a regular series of community calls to help you on your journey.

Each week, join the PennyLane dev team, along with our growing network of contributors, as we host a one-hour call to discuss all things PennyLane. The calls will include small demonstrations about PennyLane, previews of new releases, and will be the main touchpoint for our newly announced Code Together events.

It’s also a great opportunity to ask any burning questions you have, and discuss with members of the PennyLane dev team!

The content of the meetings will be interactive, and mostly focused on general matters regarding quantum machine learning and contributions to PennyLane. If you are new to PennyLane, and in need of information about pull requests or contributions, it is the perfect moment to join us. What’s more, if you are a quantum machine learning expert or PennyLane geek, and want to discuss specific themes, this is also an event made for you. Everybody is welcome to share knowledge and ideas with fellow PennyLane enthusiasts.

Those calls will take place on the Unitary Fund discord. Unitary Fund is a non-profit organization that is helping create a quantum technology ecosystem that benefits the most people. The first call will take place next week on Thursday, August 19 at 11 am (ET).

Be part of the community, and join us for the PennyLane community calls on the Unitary Fund discord!