PennyLane Code Together Wrap Up

PennyLane Team

Wrapping up PennyLane: Code Together 🙌🙌

What a tight race it was! The contributors to Code Together were so excited about solving the issues that they raced head-to-head to the finish line to be the first to get their pull request merged. Some even managed to solve several issues.

Something else makes this event even more remarkable: ✨ over half ✨ of the participants were first time contributors 🥇.

Thank you pratjz, ingstra, AkashNarayanan, wongwsvincent, tgag17, charmerDark, Pratul-Saini, mayap24, and ankit27kh for your amazing contributions, and for helping us grow the world of quantum machine learning. Creating quantum computing software that is accessible to all is a community effort so we are thrilled to see all of these contributions.

We created Code Together so our community could get directly involved in quantum open-source, learn new skills, and strengthen their coding prowess. The response received shows that it was mission accomplished 🥳.

Participation was simple: the first contributor to solve an issue with the label code together in the PennyLane GitHub repo would get physical and digital swag 🎁😎.

Working on community-driven software is an incredibly rewarding experience. These 12 days of solving problems were no exception!

If you’re sad that the event is over, don’t worry, this doesn’t stop here. We encourage you to keep contributing to PennyLane, which is a great way to keep strengthening your coding skills, learning quantum machine learning, and having your work be part of one of the leading software frameworks for quantum computing. If you get stuck at some point, please write to us on the PennyLane forum or on Github. We have a team of world-class experts who will be happy to give you a hand.

If you want to meet some of the PennyLane developers and other members of the quantum community don’t hesitate to come to our Thursday community calls. We’re holding them every Thursday at 11am ET at the 📞 community-call voice channel of the Unitary Fund Discord.

Thank you once again to all of the contributors and see you at our next event! Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter to stay tuned with the latest news 🗞️.