Amazon Braket Hybrid Jobs now supports PennyLane Lightning

PennyLane Team

We are excited to announce that our high-performance simulators lightning.qubit and lightning.gpu are now supported on Amazon Braket Hybrid Jobs! 🎉

With Amazon Braket Hybrid jobs, you can run hybrid algorithms using PennyLane without needing to manage the underlying infrastructure. Whether you’re using a notebook instance, a local Integrated Development Environment (IDE), or the Amazon Braket Console, Amazon Braket Hybrid jobs enables you to run your algorithm on a QPU or distribute it across multiple CPU or GPU instances to accelerate the job.

Our lightning.qubit and lightning.gpu simulators come with state-of-the-art features which significantly lower memory usage and can reduce the number of circuit executions required for your algorithms to converge. ⚡

For certain problems our lightning.gpu simulator, powered by the NVIDIA GPUs and NVIDIA’s cuQuantum SDK, can reduce algorithm runtimes by up to 100X when compared to running on your local laptop. It also comes with native GPU support for adjoint backpropagation.

Learn more about how to use PennyLane’s lightning.qubit and lightning.gpu simulators on Amazon Braket Hybrid Jobs by reading their release blog, and be sure to check out our PennyLane-Braket plugin.

Tags: aws, pennylane, hardware, plugins
Last modified: 14:05, 05 May 2022