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Introducing Catalyst: quantum just-in-time compilation

Category: announcements | Author: Josh Izaac
Catalyst, our next-generation compilation engine, brings just-in-time compilation to quantum programming. Automatically compile hybrid programs for execution on CPUs, GPUs, and QPUs, and unlock new ways of programming quantum computers.

QHack 2023 Coding Challenges Metastory

Category: announcements | Author: David Wakeham
Quantum coding challenges are back for QHack 2023, and they’re more exciting than ever. This year, you can help two intrepid heroes save the day in a galaxy-wide romp featuring lazy coworkers, photocopiers, timbits, and evil spin chains. Read on to learn more!

Welcome to QHack 2023!

Category: announcements | Author: Lara Watson
QHack 2023 is a free event running from February 13th–28th, and featuring top-notch scientific talks, an array of coding challenges and an open hackathon.

Computing adjoint gradients with Amazon Braket SV1

Category: announcements | Authors: Katharine Hyatt, Daniela Becker
Katharine Hyatt (Scientist @ Amazon Braket) and Daniela Becker (Senior Product Manager @ Amazon Braket) demonstrate how using the adjoint differentiation method on SV1 can deliver a strong performance improvement in finding molecular ground state energies.

PennyLane Code Camp wrap-up and highlights

Category: announcements | Author: PennyLane Team
In celebration of PennyLane’s fourth birthday, more than 800 coders from over 70 different countries joined us for the first-ever PennyLane Code Camp — a three-week virtual trip to the great outdoors — to tackle increasingly difficult quantum coding challenges and compete for prizes.

PennyLane Code Camp — A camp for coding pioneers

Category: announcements | Author: PennyLane Team
The PennyLane Code Camp, our virtual trip to the great outdoors has started! For the next three weeks, quantum coders will test their skills against increasingly difficult coding challenges to learn, earn badges and compete for prizes.

Give your feedback on the state of the art in quantum open source with the Unitary Fund Survey

Category: announcements | Author: Nathan Shammah
Unitary Fund would like to invite the PennyLane community to take the Quantum Open Source Software (QOSS) Survey. Help us collect a dataset representative of everyone who codes for quantum technologies, to better serve users of the quantum computing ecosystem.

Error mitigation with Mitiq and PennyLane

Category: announcements | Author: Mitiq and PennyLane teams
Announcing PennyLane and Mitiq integration for error mitigation of noisy circuits