Frequently Asked Questions

Curious? Find all the details about PennyLane Quantum Carnival in our FAQ.

November 1-30, 2021.

Check our our attractions page for more details. Also watch out for special announcements throughout the month.

November 30th 2021 5:59pm ET

Absolutely! The prize booth will become available during the event. Check here for more details on how to win prizes.

You should have seen a confirmation message on your screen after submitting our sign-up form.

Yes, you will need to register for the Carnival before submitting your entry to the Talent Show. All we need is your email.

You can get tickets by attending our live events, contributing to PennyLane, participating in the Talent Show, and if you search carefully, you can find many other tickets hidden in secret places.

Several key events are listed on the attractions page. Other announcements will be made on the PennyLane Twitter account, so follow us to stay informed. When you register you will also have the option to receive email notifications with updates about the Carnival.

In total, there are 100 unique points which can be won by earning or finding tickets.

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