Plugins and ecosystem

PennyLane is designed from the ground up to be hardware and device agnostic, allowing quantum functions to be easily dispatched to different quantum devices. A single computation can even include multiple quantum devices from different vendors.

Build your quantum algorithm once. Run it everywhere.

Built in devices

PennyLane comes with built-in support for several quantum devices:


External quantum devices can be easily added to PennyLane by installing plugins. These plugins are installed separately, providing a rich ecosystem integrating popular quantum software development libraries with the hybrid optimization capabilities of PennyLane.

Below are a list of official PennyLane plugins supported by the PennyLane development team.

Community plugins

In addition to the offical plugins, there are a wide range of plugins created by the PennyLane community.

To write your own PennyLane-compatible plugin, the best place to start is our overview of the plugin API. Have a plugin you would like to have listed here? Let us know at