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QHack 2022 - the one-of-a-kind celebration of quantum computing

Category: qhack | Author: Lara Watson
Every year, QHack brings together people from all over the world to celebrate quantum computing. QHack 2022 was bigger, better, and groovier than ever; featuring world-class live stream talks, coding challenges, an open-hackathon, a design competition, a meme contest, and life-changing prizes. Read on for: QHack 2022 at a glance …

QHack QML Challenge Walkthrough: Variational Quantum Eigensolver

Category: qhack | Author: Olivia Di Matteo (PennyLane Team)
QHack 2021, the quantum machine learning (QML) hackathon, ran earlier this year from 17-26 February. A big portion of the event was the QML Challenge Leaderboard, where hundreds of teams raced to solve QML programming problems in order to claim hardware credits to help with their Open Hackathon projects. Solutions …

QHack—the quantum machine learning hackathon

Category: qhack | Author: Josh Izaac
Part hackathon, part fan expo, part scientific conference, QHack offered a new kind of experience in the quantum space. Like all the best events, it had a teaser trailer, a vintage poster, its own theme music (imagine Daft Punk remixed the Knight Rider intro music), and a top-notch swag game …